1 = application, enforcement, take-up, uptake, operationalisation [operationalization, -USA], enablement.
Ex. The most appropriate type of abstract must be chosen in accordance with the requirements of each individual application.
Ex. These are less tangible, more dependent upon personal motivation and inclination, and not amenable to enforcement through institutional policies.
Ex. One of the reasons for the relatively slow take-up of microcomputers in libraries in the Philippines is the problem caused by the multitude of languages used in the island group.
Ex. The project is investigating the factors which promote or inhibit the uptake of computers in primary schools.
Ex. Theories and models from the behavioural sciences offer a sound basis for understanding the problems with conceptualization and operationalization of user satisfaction.
Ex. The aim was that the edge would come from leveraging its knowledge assets, ie the leadership and expertise of its worldwide work force, through information technology enablement.
* adaptar a una aplicación concreta = harness.
* adaptarse a una aplicación = suit + application.
* ámbito de aplicación = field of application.
* aplicación a tareas bibliotecarias = library application.
* aplicación práctica = application, practical application.
* área de aplicación comercial = niche.
* campo de aplicación = field of application, scope of application, field of practice, area of application.
* de aplicación específica a un equipo de ordenador = hardware-based.
* de aplicación general = general-purpose, of general application.
* encontrar aplicación práctica = find + application.
* hacerse a medida de una aplicación práctica concreta = tailor to + application.
* mala aplicación = misapplication.
* orientado hacia una aplicación práctica concreta = application-oriented.
* relación de aplicación = bias relation.
* según la aplicación de reglas = rule-governed.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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